memoir to the fallen ones


   There is creativity and love woven within the times spent creating the work at TRSHE. It is our passion, and the results are always refreshing and revolutionary. We dedicate our brand to young people who do not have a voice, but have truth to speak. We encourage you to freely express who you are, with attitude and most importantly, style. This is for the people who have God given talents but feel they are not seen, heard or taken seriously. Life has its hurdles and you will be castigated and misunderstood in the midst of your journey, but do not let ANYTHING or ANYONE keep you from moving forward. ALWAYS keep your integrity, confidence, and self worth intact. We hope that these are words of encouragement to anyone currently building something they're passionate about. We hope to inspire you to remain true to thy self, no matter the circumstances, no matter the obstacles. To us, you are the true superstars. You are the bravest of the brave. You are not alone.